Wonderful, wacky and original story podcasts for kids aged 1-100.

The stories you will find here are inspired by children and lovingly crafted to delight and entertain young people.

Listening to stories is one of the best things in the world. We don’t just engage in wonderful adventures and ignite our imaginations, we also learn an imperative life skill, to simply listen.

My name is Anna Steen. I am a professional actor and voice artist. I am also the mother of two fabulous little people who cannot get enough of listening to stories. We create new tales of adventure and silliness every night and they also listen voraciously whilst travelling in the car and in the evenings. The idea for this podcast came from a combination of their love for listening and my life’s work to date. I’ve worked in audio dramas with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation since the age of 3, I’ve both narrated and produced audio books and also ran a children’s theatre company Gaia Theatre for many years.

Here in podcast land I will share my stories and also stories from the fabulous and talented artists and parents around me. I hope that children who enjoy listening here will also send in their story ideas and so we can recreate their stories as a podcast.

So – let’s get storytelling!

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