Call of the Blobfish – Episode 2

By Anna Steen

Deep down in the magical world beneath the waves, the wise and ancient Blobfish needs help. Blobfish engages a jumbly bunch of sea creatures who all must overcome their fears and contribute to their united quest for the Blobfish and save their ocean home.

This year, for National Science Week, Kids Story Room presents a Pod Play in 5 episodes entitled Call of the Blobfish.

Call of the Blobfish aligns with the schools theme for National Science Week 2020, Deep Blue – Innovation for the future of our oceans. With Call of the Blobfish, we hope to ignite the curious scientist in children by engaging them in a story of oceans and marine life, and of their importance to human existence.

Call of the Blobfish features some of SA’s favourite actors in Lizzy Falkland and Christopher Pitman.

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Episode 3 Wednesday August 12th

Episode 4 Thursday August 13th

Episode 5 Friday August 14th

National Science Week is Australia’s annual opportunity to meet scientists, discuss the hot topics, do science and celebrate its cultural and economic impact on society—from art to astrophysics, chemistry to climate change, and forensics to future food.

National Science Week 2020 will run from 15-23 August. Event details can be found at, and there is also a specific program of the events and activities organised by the South Australian community.

This project has been supported by a National Science Week SA Community Grant. 


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