Call of the Blobfish

Here at KSR, we are presenting the Pod Play, Call of the Blobfish for National Science Week.

Call of the Blobfish tells a wondrous and magical underwater adventure story performed by professional actors. Here is our cast…

Prawn/Dolphin Lizzy Falkland
Blobfish/Swordfish/Tom Christopher Pitman
Narrator/Tuna/Sam Anna Steen
Leafy-Sea Dragon Heather Steen

This podcast aims to ignite the curious scientist in children by engaging them in a story of oceans and marine life, and of their importance to human existence.

There will be an additional podcast discussion with South Australian marine scientist Georgie Kenning from the Marine Discovery Centre at the end of episode 5, to further unpack ideas around marine life sustainability.

Call of the Blobfish explores themes related to the future of our marine life and how we can manage it sustainably, marine ecosystems and ocean zones, awareness of our surroundings, positive consequences of good actions, overcoming challenges and fears to achieve a goal and finding solutions to problems.

The school theme of National Science Week 2020 is Deep Blue: innovations for the future of our oceans. Click the link below to download  our educational support pack of resource material and links to engage listeners further with the themes promoted in the play.

Support Pack Blobfish Pod Play

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